Mary LaChance, Town Council

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With the so much uncertainty at the State level, it is important that we have strong leadership at the town level. I will use my background in program and budget management to ensure we manage our limited budget effectively to maintain the great aspects of our town. Please feel free to contact me at 860-647-8060 or

Deb Carroll, Town Council

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I want to make use of my strengths in leadership and communication as a member of Town Council to preserve our town in the best of ways: maintaining open space wherever possible and spending our tax dollars on projects that are both essential and respectful of the varying needs of our town’s population. Please feel free to contact me at 860-432-8357 or

Larry Niland, Town Council

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I wish to be able to give back to the community that has been my home for the past 20 years, and to help in making it a continually growing and vibrant community not only for ourselves, but for generations to come. I will use my 25 years of municipal experience to be sure that we use our limited tax dollars as wisely as possible, and my technical experience to ensure that we reap the full benefits of our technology investments. Please feel free to contact me at 860-659-4773 or email

Chittaranjan Sahay, Board of Education

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As a a member of the Board of Education I will bring my experiences as an educator to insure that our students have an opportunity to experience engineering and technology studies in preparation for college. Please feel free to contact me at 860-659-3828 or email

David Peniston Jr, Board of Education

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Growing up in a family of educators who were always heavily involved in town politics, I learned the importance of supporting my town. I plan to do what is necessary to insure that our taxes and town budget is spent wisely, so that Glastonbury continues to be one of the best towns for our children to be educated and to live in. Please feel free to contact me at 860.430.1562 or email at

Sean Peoples Judge of Probate

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Sean received a Bachelors of Arts degree from Connecticut College, a Masters degree from Columbia University and a Juris Doctor from University of New Hampshire School of Law.  Sean provides professionalism and high service as Probate Judge, while continuing to offer an approachable and consumer-friendly probate office for the people of Glastonbury and Hebron.

Julie Thompson, Board of Education

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As a member of the Board of Education, I will use my experience as a parent, a former educator and as an attorney to make thoughtful, informed and responsible decisions that will ensure that Glastonbury schools can continue to provide excellent educational opportunities for the students to be prepared to meet the local and global challenges of the 21st Century. Please feel free to contact me at 860.299-5078 or email

Steve Cassano State Senate, 4th district

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Steve takes on a leadership role, works with all parties and gets things done.   Steve works with leadership in the legislative and executive branches to meet multiple responsibilities related to state government. He is known as a hard-worker with the ability to bring people together. Steve is a well-respected and active member of the General Assembly.

Tom Gullotta, Town Council

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How we address the major issues Glastonbury faces today— distinguishing between what is nice and what is necessary to spend your hard earned tax dollars on, open space acquisition, and the redevelopment of the town center—will have a significant impact on our town’s quality of life in the future. That is why I run.  Please feel free to contact me at 860-633-9788 or email

Jill Barry, Town Council

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As a member of the Town Council, I bring my professional strengths in budget analysis and strategic planning along with the knowledge gained from my time with Youth & Family Services. I look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Glastonbury.

Please feel free to contact me at 860-652-8326 or email

Charles Murray Registrar of Voters

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“As the Democratic Registrar of Voters, I  work to insure that all voters in Glastonbury have access to polling locations, insure that poll workers have the proper training and work to increase the number of people who vote in our elections. If you have questions on Voting issues, please contact me at or 860.652.7627

Doug Foyle, Board of Education

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I will continue to fight to preserve our town’s excellent education system and provide pragmatic educational leadership to move us forward.  During my eight years on the Board and in the leadership position of Board Secretary the last two years, I strongly supported transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in the Board’s operations.  Please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns at 860-306-0602 or

Board and Commission Members

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GDTC Elects New Executive Board

On March 28 Glastonbury Democratic Town Committee elected it’s new executive board:

-Chair – Matt Saunig
-Vice Chair – Sridhar Kadaba
-Secretary – Liz Catarius
-Treasurer – David O’Connor
-Deputy Treasurer – Chris Griffin
-Communications Director – Beth Hillson
-Past Chair – Charlie Murray

We’re excited to continue building on our strong momentum for this upcoming critical election season!

Glastonbury Treasurer AG Candidate Forum

Glastonbury Governor Candidate Forum

Arunan Arulampalam visits the Glastonbury DTC

HealthCare Forum Co-Sponsored by the GDTC

Kevin Lembo Visits the Glastonbury DTC