A Salute to Our 2016 GDTC Annual Appeal Donors

Our Town Committee operates entirely on the basis of donations to our organization, which funds our candidates’ campaigns and operating expenses during the year. The individuals listed below have generously offered to assist us in this endeavor.

Individual Donations to our 2016 Annual Appeal

Allen Friedrich
Robyn Guimont
Michael Leore
Nancy Lepore
Charles Murray
Peter Alter
Patti Darling
Robert DiBella
Thomas Kehoe
Leslie Ohta
Helen Stern
Roberta Swafford
Julie Thompson
Ronald Zdrojeski
Patricia Bussa
John A. Davis, Jr.
William Dufford
Tom Gullotta
Zelda Lessne
Beatrice Maslowski
Kim McClain
George Ripley
Alice M. Sexton
Monica Shea
Brian R. Smith
Cathy Vacchelli
William Wulftange
Winnie Zimberlin
Jeanie Babineau
Jill Barry
H. James Boice
Kathleen Collins
Adam Fleisher
Kevin Graff
Joan Hallberg
Arnold Higgins
Sridhar Kadaba
Cara Keefe
Charles Longo
Patricia Low
William McGaw
James McIntosh
Larry Niland
James Noonan
Sandra O’Leary
David Peniston, Jr.
Ernest F. Reale
Chittaranjan Sahay
Ellen Saunig
Matt Saunig
Keith Shaw
Denise Weeks
Luther Weeks
Jaye Winkler
Robert Zanlungo