Adam Fleisher, for Board of Education

I dedicated myself early on to serving the schools in my community. During that time, I’ve watched education become the bad guy when it comes to local budget decisions. As a Board of Education member, my first and last concern will be doing what is best for the students.

I have earned a B.S. in History and Psychology with a strong minor in Black Studies from Florida State University, a Master’s of Science in Social Studies Education from Florida International University, and an Add-On certification in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. I have been a teacher, team leader, department chair, teacher mentor, and aspiring administrator in Miami-Dade County (from 1994-2004). I was an intervention specialist, teacher mentor, data specialist, teacher, and assistant principal in Broward County (from 2004-2010). I was an intervention specialist and instructional coach and I am currently a theme coach, student and teacher mentor, summer school coordinator, teacher, and aspiring administrator in Hartford (2010-Present). My entire life has been devoted to the students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and communities I have served. My motto has been, and will always be, “what is best for the students”.

In 2012 my family purchased a home in Glastonbury. My wife, Deborah, works as an ELL tutor in Hartford. Our son Miles attends Buttonball Lane School.

Please feel free to contact me at 860-502-8051 or