Elected/Candidates – former

Cara Tonucci Keefe, Town Council

I chose to settle here for the same reasons many of you chose it: our active and involved residents, open space and parks, and our excellent public schools. I will work across party lines to ensure our community has the open and accessible government we deserve.

Please feel free to contact me at 860-781-2192 or email Cara.Tonucci.Democrat@gmail.com

Leslie Ohta, Board of Education

A reputation for being open minded, fair, and willing to work in a non-partisan manner will ensure that all of Glastonbury benefits.

Please feel free to contact me at 202-538-1161 or email leslieohta@gmail.com

Joe Diminico for State Representative, 13th District

Joe completed a twenty-five year career with the Town of Manchester, retiring as the Program Director of the Senior Center.  Joe believes in giving back to the community and has served on various town boards and commissions.  The voters of Manchester elected Joe to the Board of Selectman in 1993 where he served nine terms. He was elected to the CT House in 2012.

Tim Coon, Town Council

During my time on the Board of Education and Town Council, I have always listened to the citizens of Glastonbury on the issues we’ve faced. When it comes to education, economic development, and open space, I will always choose what’s best for all of Glastonbury.

Please feel free to contact me at 860-659-8691 or email tpkm87@cox.net

Lisa Furbush, Board of Education

Re-elected November 2011

As the current Secretary for the Glastonbury Board of Education, I take a position of leadership very seriously and will strive to maintain the high quality of education for our students as a first priority. Please contact me at 860-306-5170 or lisamfurbush@aol.com.

Judith Walter, Board of Education

I look forward to serving on the Glastonbury Board of Education and working in the best interests of the students, teachers, and parents in our community. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns by phone or email.

Jason Rojas, Representative, 9th District

Re-Elected November 2, 2010
I am the product of working class parents who worked hard so I could have a better life. I decided that long ago I would commit myself to my community, a community that gave me the opportunity to take advantage of all that our towns have to offer: safe neighborhood and good schools.

Peter Alter, Judge of Probate

Re-Elected November 2, 2010

Judge Peter Alter is no part time judge. He puts in real hours, every working day. In 2005, he saw 313 cases, closed 240 pending cases and presided over 230 hearings. The results? No backlog. A more efficient, more accessible court. Friendly, helpful clerks. A court where every voice is heard.