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The GDTC runs with and our candidates succeed only with the assistance of your donations.

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As a Democratic Voter in Glastonbury, you are a role model for citizens aspiring to more active in the political process. Your actions make a real difference in getting people involved.

Today, we Democrats have a majority control of the Glastonbury Town Council and many of the Boards and Commissions.    Previously, we have had more than twenty years of Republican control of the Town.  The finances of our State are in serious trouble, your taxes continued to increase, and a strong majority Democratic representation can only make a difference with a majority win in November.

At the Federal level, we continue to have Republicans who show disrespect for many of us; we may be left with few rights, limited or no health insurance and possible limits on your free speech.   WE CAN MAKE CHANGES, but they need to start at the State level.

This is the time to build our financial support in preparation for the campaign season. The way we communicate with one another is rapidly evolving and the Glastonbury Democrats intend to be on the cutting edge. We plan to reach the voting public in the most effective way possible to get our State Candidates’ messages heard. As the majority party in town, we must be assertive in this respect in order to make a difference. This, as you know, requires financial support!

The financial health, as well as the overall future, of the Democratic Party in Glastonbury rests on your support.

Please sit down and write a personal check to the GDTC and send it to, GDTC, PO Box 533, Glastonbury 06033. The State requires that you complete the enclosed disclosure form and return it with your contribution.

If you prefer to donate via one line go to or donate via online at

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For your planning purposes, please refer to the following levels of support:

Bronze: $50 to $149
Silver: $150 to $249
Gold: $250 to $499
Platinum: $500 & above

(Note: annual maximum individual donation is $2,000)

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention and for your support!

Yours, in the interest of Glastonbury,

Charlie Murray, Chair, GDTC

Mike Lepore

David O’Connor
Annual Appeal Coordinator