David Peniston Jr, Board of Education

Growing up in a family of educators who were always heavily involved in town politics, I learned the importance of supporting my town. I plan to do what is necessary to insure that our taxes and town budget is spent wisely, so that Glastonbury continues to be one of the best towns for our children to be educated and to live in. Please feel free to contact me at 860.430.1562 or email at jpeniston@cox.net

I am 51 years old, and I have lived in Glastonbury for the past 12 years. I am married with two children who attend Glastonbury High School and Smith Middle School. I am active in the town as a Youth Football Coach for the past six years and a basketball referee for the Glastonbury Basketball Association.

I am also a member of Buckingham Congregation Church and the Glastonbury Martin Luther King Community Initiative. I have been employed with Travelers Insurance Company as Workers Compensation Auditor for the past nine years.
Previously I was employed as a Workers Compensation Hearing Rep and was responsible for representing Hanover Insurance against plaintiff attorney’s.
We often battled, but most of the time a compromise was made to reach a common goal of doing what was right for my employer, our insured and most important the injured worker.

I pride myself in being able to get along with all types of people of different backgrounds. I also believe in giving back and have volunteered as a Child Care Worker at the Hartford Interval House and as a Rape Crisis Counselor at the New Britain YWCA.

I also want to work on re-opening the dialogue of how in a town that has the economic resources like Glastonbury, that our high school does not have a quality Weight room for our student athletes. We have so many kids that work out by themselves or with a personal trainer. Inexcusable

I want to be a member of the Glastonbury Town Council to do whatever is necessary to preserve our open spaces and farmlands so that our town continues to have the rich character of it’s agricultural heritage. I also want to assist in making some groups and associations in town becoming more diverse.

I teach my kids not to just hang out or listen to people that look or think like them. I encourage them to discuss things with people that have different views. That is how you open your mind and really learn.

Please feel free to contact me at   860.430.1562 or email at jpeniston@cox.net.

Thanks for your support.—- David Peniston Jr
> Proud son of David Peniston Sr and Luella Peniston