Democrats of the Year

Past Glastonbury Democrats of the Year

Jill Barry

Bobby DiBella

Tom Gulotta

Bob Zanlungo

Kim McClain

Thomas Kehoe

Dr. Patricia Saddlemire

Denise and Luther Weeks

Tim Coon

Doris Scaglia-O’Rourke

John Davis

John Larson and Joe Courtney

Sheenu Srinivasan

Patricia Bussa

Helen and Peter Stern

Joan Kemble and Jeanette Pollard

Patricia Low

Gus Constantine

Arnie Higgins

Beth Carsten

Bill Ferris

Jim Noonan

Zelda Lessne

Bill Constantine

Jim McIntosh

Betty Minetti

Lucille Jonah

Estelle Flanagan

Ed Richardson


Past Volunteer Leaders of the Year

Sean Peoples

Mike Pohl


Past Citizens of the Year

Chris Gullotta

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