Elect Jake McCheseny, Town Council

My wife and I chose to settle in Glastonbury for its excellent schools, open spaces and small town feel.  Vital to Glastonbury’s success is maintaining this delicate balance while encouraging responsible development and wisely managing town finances to ensure a fair and reasonable tax burden for the families that call this town home.  I am running for town council to help this town move into the future while maintaining what makes it great.   Contact me at jake.lee.mcchesney@gmail.com

My wife and I moved to Connecticut after obtaining our graduate degrees and spending four years living in New York City.  I grew up in rural Vermont and met my wife while attending college in Maine.  We moved to Connecticut because we believed that it offered us the best chance to return to New England, pursue opportunities for us both to use our professional educations, and settle in a smaller community with a more affordable cost of living than available around other metropolitan areas in the Northeast.

After moving to Connecticut, we took our time living in the Greater Hartford area looking for the right community in which to set down roots and call home.  We found that community in Glastonbury.  I love this town.  It has an excellent mix of high-end amenities, walkability, and public spaces which make it a prime location in Greater Hartford.  Its education system is also a key draw for young families looking to settle in central Connecticut.  These were all important factors in our decision to become permanent residents of this town.

I fear that recent municipal decisions have served to needlessly undermine that balance of qualities which make Glastonbury unique and desirable.  I am running for Town Council because I believe these qualities are important and crucial to Glastonbury’s continued success and maintenance of its reputation in the Greater Hartford area as a great place to live.